the hare, the tiger, and the dragon

the hare, the tiger, and the dragon

dragon and the hare is the tale of Jason and Ann – two passionate individuals who found each other at the intersection of marketing and design.

Jason ‘the hare’ is a marketer that is obsessed about finding the why in businesses.

though having been trained in the dark arts of marketing, he prefers to use what he’s learnt to help brands find their cause and tell inspiring stories that create love.

Ann ‘the dragon’ on the other hand is a master designer who loves making things beautiful.

having been interested in the art of beauty at a young age, she chose to undergo shaolin-like training in information design at the university of the arts london when it came time to decide her calling.

today, they both weave words and images together to help passionate business owners tell beautiful, inspiring brand stories.

interested in working with them to tell your brand story?

drop jason a message at or annie at